Getting hit with the entertainment bug at an early age, Kye began to fall in love with the arts. Throughout her years in elementary school, middle school, high school and college, Kye found herself swimming in the sea of entertainment more and more. It was not until she graduated college that she began to put more time into the craft. Kye has always been interested in entertaining others.

She has a bubbly personality and a goofy laugh. She has an energetic spirit that is magnetic amongst those around her. She has been performing for audiences for over eight years. Kye enjoys music, acting, hosting, writing and being creative. Her mind is always on the go, whether it be coming up with ideas or just continuing to become knowledgeable about the entertainment industry.

Kye has had the pleasure of working in productions that have allowed her to utilize her skills. Expressing herself through laughter and the arts is the fuel that keeps her going. The world is a stage and auditions are done at last, life is the play and we have all been cast.